CO2 Emissions and the Heat Treatment Industry

CO2 Emissions are a hot topic in Europe and becoming more so in North America which has lead to a number of companies in the industry taking a very close look at this subject.

Obviously the largest contributing factor to CO2 emissions in the heat treatment industry is the energy required to heat the furnaces and generally this energy comes from burning fuels such as natural gas, propane or oil. As a result our industry can be considered very energy intensive although this energy usage is not exclusively dedicated to heating the furnaces.

Other factors that can contribute to CO2 emissions in the heat treating industry include the use of industrial gases such as nitrogen, argon, and helium used in furnace atmospheres-even the production and transportation ofthese gases produce significant emissions.

Additionally, the production of raw materials used in heat treating operations, such as steel and other alloys also contribute to emissions.

With this background out of the way we would like to point to our ongoing series of articles from furnace manufacturer Aichelin about emissions in the industry, how they are calculated and where the industry might be headed. “CO2 Emissions and the Heat Treatment Industry”

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