Circuit Breaker Manufacturer Orders Three Vacuum Furnaces

“A Chinese manufacturer of a wide variety of vacuum circuit breakers trusted SECO/WARWICK for the second time by ordering vacuum furnaces for metal heat treatment. This order includes three Vector vacuum furnaces that ensure a very high vacuum level and temperature uniformity within the entire load. SECO/WARWICK is one of the few companies in the world providing this type of equipment for electrical equipment manufacturers.

In 2017, this Partner purchased two SECO/WARWICK furnaces for the first time. Their reliability and high quality of finished production made them decide to develop further production protocols, choosing the SECO/WARWICK Group again as their industrial furnace supplier.

“The high-vacuum brazing system consisting of three Vector furnaces will be delivered to the Chinese manufacturer of electrical relays and switches. We are glad that our Partner decided to use our solutions again, because it means that the previous systems work flawlessly. It must also be admitted that the specificity of this electric power control production requires incredible precision. Circuit breakers need a high level of vacuum and temperature uniformity. They are brazed in vacuum furnaces in a very high vacuum; therefore, it was necessary to use an efficient pumping system consisting of a turbomolecular pump and a dry pump. I can proudly say that such a specific solution can be produced by only a handful of companies in the world, and we are one of them. However, our solutions have the best parameters, and this was the decisive factor in choosing SECO/WARWICK as the technology supplier,” – explains Maciej KoreckiVice President of the Vacuum Furnace Segment in the SECO/WARWICK Group.”

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