Cihan Balaban, Fornax Software, Turkey

There is a fellow in Turkey by the name of Cihan Balaban who is the “go to man” in Turkey for anything related to the heat treat industry. For many years he was part owner of a company by the name of Sarvion which provides everything to do with heat treating, SSI controls, gas burners, alloy components, furnaces and generator catalyst. Over the years we have spent some time with Cihan visiting the large, very sophisticated and growing Turkish heat treat market. The world keeps changing and Cihan recently sold his shares in Sarvion and opened a new company by the name of Fornax Software who surprise, surprise offer products for the heat treating industry The photo below was taken about four years back at a Bodycote facility in Turkey, Cihan is second from the left, Matt Cross of SSI, UK is to his left and Gord Montgomery is on the far right.