Cieffe Thermal Systems Ships Furnace Line for Hardening of Bearings

From Cieffe Thermal Systems, the largest furnace builder in Italy we have this press release about a large Chamber furnace line the company just shipped to a customer in Eastern Europe.

“17 Trucks Required to Deliver Cieffe’s New Chamber Line; “Cieffe Thermal Systems, a leader in the production of thermal systems for the heat treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, last week completed the delivery of an automatic chamber line for the bainitic and martensitic hardening of bearings. The line was shipped to an important player in the automotive and railway sector in Eastern Europe.  The system was shipped on 17 trucks and includes about 20 machines, divided between furnaces for the hardening treatment, washing machines, tanks for quenching in salt and endothermic gas generators. Commissioning is scheduled for spring of 2021.”

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