Chain Manufacturer Inaugurates New Batch IQ Line

For over 85 years “THIELE” ( in Iserlohn, Germany has been a leading manufacturer of round steel chains and forgings in the areas of conveyor and lifting technology. During that time the company has long recognized that one of their core competencies has been heat treating and to that end the firm has always maintained a “state of the art” heat treatment department. Last Friday the company increased their heat treat capacity with the addition of a brand new batch IQ (sealed quench) furnace line.
The furnace line was supplied by Ipsen of Kleve, Germany and is a Model Atlas XXL unit with working dimensions of B1220/L1520/H1300 (48″ X 60″ X 51″) and a weight capacity of approximately 2,000 kg (4,400 pounds). This is Ipsen’s largest standard size of sealed quench furnace and it has proven to be a very successful product offering.
Typically chain manufacturers around the world have heat treated their products in house and batch IQ furnaces along with mesh or cast link continuous furnaces are the most common type of furnaces used although from time to time you run across a rotary retort furnace although they are gradually going the way of the dinosaurs. 
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