Carlos Torres Appointed President and CEO of MATTSA Furnace Company

In Mexico we see that Carlos Torres has been appointed President and CEO of MATTSA Furnace Company. Based in San Luis Potosi MATTSA is the largest furnace builder in the country;

“MATTSA Furnace Company is pleased to announce the appointment of Carlos Torres as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, effective July 15 2019. Carlos has extensive  experience in the Heat Treat industry and a fresh perspective for the company’s future. His duty will be to continue to grow and solidify the company in the Heat treat market as an important player in the industry. Carlos has this to say; “I am excited to be a part of what I envision to be a robust growth period for MATTSA and look forward to leading the Company through this transformational stage. Our Mission is to show the world the professionalism and talent that MATTSA has to deliver great products and services through an innovating and disciplined approach to create added value with top quality and great customer service to our beloved Heat Treat industry “. Our great staff at MATTSA and our strategical alliances with great world wide companies like Afc-Holcroft  (Now part of Aichelin ) and Super Super Systems Inc have been a key part of our success. I am very proud to have the honor to lead this organization my father founded 35 years ago.”