Captive Heat Treater Suffers Strong Fire

In New York state, Pyrotek a captive heat treater show supplier metal components for batteries suffered a strong fire last week, lucking no one was injured; “WHEATFIELD, N.Y., USA – Niagara County fire investigators are looking into an industrial fire that happened Friday in Wheatfield.  The fire happened at Pyrotek, a metal heat treatment company. According to an operations manager at the scene, the fire started in the furnace system, then spread to the building and throughout the plant. Pyrotek treats metals at a very high temperature in furnaces for products that are ultimately used in lithium-ion batteries. The plant was evacuated, and no one was hurt. Niagara County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene, along with members of Bergholz Volunteer Fire Company, Sanborn Volunteer Fire Company, and the  Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station.”

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