Captive Heat Treater in Poland to Install 2 Vacuum Furnaces

“This is the first order for SECO/WARWICK from the European leader in sanitary products, GEBERIT. The two furnaces will be tailor-made according to customer requirements. The finished system is a hybrid model of the iconic VectorR vacuum furnace. The two single-chamber Vector vacuum furnaces for annealing will be delivered to the GEBERIT Group’s production plant in Ozorków, Poland. Both furnaces are adapted to the specific requirements of the customer, increasing the standard dimensions of the furnace working space, 900x900x1200 mm (HxWxL) to 900x900x2400 mm. These changes will allow the manufacturer to double the efficiency of the furnaces in one technological process.”

“An individual product is an important element and a huge distinguishing feature of the SECO/WARWICK offer, allowing the use of tailor-made technology. An individual approach to the furnace design is a project that requires expert engineering knowledge. SECO/WARWICK engineers have the knowledge and experience that are needed to adjust the technology and its parameters so that it ensures the safety and failure-free operation of the device, but above all that the solution meets the expectations and needs of the client,” says Sławomir Woźniak, CEO of SECO/WARWICK Group.”

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