Captive Heat Treater in NC, USA Now Has 6 (Count Them) 6 Vacuum Tempers

SECO/VACUUM has received an order for 2 more Vector® vacuum tempering furnaces from an international cutting tool manufacturer. Two more Vector vacuum furnaces are headed to fill the production needs of a global tool manufacturer to augment the capacity of four prior furnaces of the same configuration. There is no greater compliment to a systems supplier than the confidence expressed by repeat business. Just two months after ordering its 4th Vector, the customer’s North Carolina manufacturing facility continues to expand and has placed an order for two additional Vector vacuum temper furnaces to keep up with demand for its products.

“We are thrilled to be an ongoing partner in this customer’s growth,” said Piotr Zawistowski, Managing Director of SECO/VACUUM. “We know they have multiple competitive options for their vacuum heat treat equipment, so we take nothing for granted, and work hard to earn their business every step of the way. Ongoing awards like this suggest we’re doing a lot of things right.”

5th and 6th Vector tempering furnace for the same customer; Vector®, SECO/WARWICK’s single chamber horizontal vacuum furnace, is loaded with capabilities. With hundreds of systems installed worldwide, SECO/WARWICK Group’s vacuum furnaces have a proven record of meeting and exceeding performance expectations.

The two horizontal, front-loading furnaces are designed with an all-metal hot zone for clean vacuum processing. As with the earlier furnaces, the new furnace includes convection fans and a pressurized gas quench for rapid cooling.

Vector is Perfect for the Machine Tool Industry. Vector single-chamber vacuum heat treating furnaces are the ideal solution for machine and cutting tool manufacturers. It can be provided with curved graphite elements or an all-metal hot zone and can be used for most standard hardening, tempering, annealing, solution heat treating, brazing and sintering applications, as well as low pressure carburizing. Vector produces clean, uniform, high-quality parts with repeatable accuracy.

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