Captive Heat Treater Finishing Installation of 3rd Mesh Belt Line

Recently we have had several stories about chain manufacturer and captive heat treater Allied Locke in Dixon, Illinois, USA expanding their heat treat department. In a November 2022 posting we told how the company was installing a third mesh belt furnace line. These photos show the existing two lines, the third one being installed as well as a brand new rotary parts washer.

“NOVEMBER 13th 2022. In House Heat Treater Continues to Expand Heat Treat Department; Headquartered in Dixon, Illinois, USA Allied Locke is a manufacturer of chain and chain products. Founded in 1965 as Allied Chains the company has grown and prospered over the years and now has five divisions: Agricultural Chain, Precision Roller Chain, Industrial Chain, Sprockets, and Environmental Products. The primary manufacturing facility (Plant 1) in Dixon, IL covers nearly 675,000 square feet. Home – Allied-Locke Industries (

​The firm has always considered heat treating to be a “core competency” and to that end they have continued to invest and expand their heat treat department, to the point that it is becoming one of the larger captive heat treaters in the US. Currently Allied has 6 batch IQ furnaces, each 36″ X 72″ X 36″, 2 Can Eng mesh belt furnace lines and related equipment including endothermic generators. As we speak a 3rd Can Eng mesh belt line is being installed and plans include one more batch IQ line.

At the same time the company has recently installed what was described to us as an “amazing, new” metallurgical lab and is working towards CQI-9. So often heat treating is an afterthought in manufacturing firms and is relegated to that dark dirty area at the back of the plant. It makes our day at “The Monty Heat Treat News” to see that some companies rightfully understand the importance of heat treating-Allied Locke is certainly one of these.”

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