Captive Heat Treater Burloak Technologies Approved by Boeing

We have watched with great interest as additive manufacturer Burloak Technologies in Burlington, Canada has installed a brand new state of the art heat treating department (all the details and photos are below). It would appear that their efforts have paid off as the company states that they are the world’s first additive manufacturer approved by Boeing to additively manufacture aluminium AlSi10Mg components to the Boeing BAC 5673 specification.

“January 28, 2021; Burloak Technologies, Oakville, Ontario, Canada, a division of Samuel, Son & Co., Ltd., has been approved by The Boeing Company to additively manufacture aluminium AlSi10Mg components to the Boeing BAC 5673 specification. Burloak Technologies states it is the world’s first additive manufacturer to achieve this qualification. Burloak and Boeing are now working to apply the BAC 5673 specification to several programmes for existing and future components.

“This approval marks the completion of a qualification process that included a rigorous evaluation of Burloak’s capabilities by Boeing. We would like to thank Boeing’s additive manufacturing team for its collaborative approach,” stated Peter Adams, Burloak’s founder and Chief Innovation Officer. “Together, we developed a well-defined specification that has demonstrated robust, repeatable processes to produce flight components using Additive Manufacturing.” Colin Osborne, Samuel’s president and Chief Executive Officer, commented, “Achieving this qualification further validates Burloak’s position as a global leader in the Additive Manufacturing space, and clearly demonstrates our ability to commercialise this transformational technology. This milestone also signals the increasing importance of Additive Manufacturing within aerospace and represents a step forward on the path to a greener future for aviation.””

“December 1, 2020. Burloak Technologies Completes In House Heat Treating Department; Over the course of this year we have watched with interest as additive manufacturing firm Burloak Technologies in Burlington, Ontario, Canada has developed their in house heat treating department. With the addition of their new Quintus Technologies Hot Isostatic Press the installation is now complete. This by the way is the first commercial HIP unit available in Canada.

“September 14, 2020 Burloak Technologies Installing In-House Heat Treatment Department; Earlier this year we had an exclusive news item about how Additive Manufacturing firm Burloak Technologies was installing a brand new in house heat treating department at their Burlington, Canada facility. We can now say that this AS9100 and Nadcap compliant facility is now in operation and in a very interesting development also taking on commercial heat treatment business for vacuum, air, solution and T6/aging cycles. We say interesting because generally captive heat treaters do not make good commercial heat treaters although there are exceptions-Gleason Works in Rochester, NY, USD is a good example of a company successfully blending captive and commercial heat treating. Having said that the individual in charge of the department at Burloak, is a former Schaeffler Bearings employee and a very experienced fellow with a great deal of knowledge of both captive and commercial heat treating.”

“July 9 2020. “Burloak Technologies Installing In-House Heat Treatment Department; In Burlington, Ontario, Canada we find Burloak Technologies who describe their company thusly;  “Burloak Technologies is Canada’s leading supplier of highly engineered additive manufactured components for demanding applications.” The company makes our news section today due to the fact that for months, if not years the company has been planning their brand new, state of the art in house heat treating department and just this week one of the first pieces of equipment arrived-a new Titan vacuum furnace from Ipsen in Rockford, Illinois, USA. Installation and Nadcap qualification are the next steps. Future plans are very ambitious to say the least, with several more large pieces of equipment on order, this includes a furnace for processing aluminum. Additive manufacturing is proving to be a rapidly growing market for furnace manufacturers, already this year we have announced several large heat treatment investments in the field and we would expect this will grow rapidly in the future.”

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