Captive Heat Treat Installs New Endothermic Generator

Nordic Traction Finland, a manufacturer of traction chains and tracks for forestry and agricultural machinery, recently upgraded their heat treatment operations by installing a new EndoFlex™ S endothermic gas generator system. Nordic Traction relies on endogas to carburize its traction chains.

The EndoFlex™ S replaced an outdated generator that could not effectively control volume or atmosphere quality and was incapable of scaling up when the demand increased. The new system is also less expensive to operate and mixes to more precise ratios, which helps to maintain a constant furnace atmosphere and consistent gas quality at all times – improving process reliability and the quality of the finished product.

“Nordic Traction was looking for the most sustainable and cost-effective, onsite source of endothermic gas production for their facility in Loimaa. Since the EndoFlex™ S produces only the amount of gas required by the carburizing furnace, there is zero waste in endogas production. This also allows Nordic Traction to save big by maximizing energy usage and gas consumption,” said Daniel Panny, Head of Sales at UPC-Marathon, a Nitrex company, in Europe. “I visited the plant six months after the EndoFlex™ S was commissioned to see how it was working and discovered that Nordic Traction is saving up to 20% per month in energy and resource costs,” Daniel Panny added.

ABOUT NITREX; NITREX is the only fully integrated global player in the surface treatment industry. With a presence in more than 20 countries, our portfolio of innovative solutions and unrivaled expertise are helping customers daily to achieve greater tolerances, meet the highest standards, and become more profitable along the way. With over 35 years of experience under our belt, we are the preferred choice of blue-chip customers around the globe for turnkey heat-treat systems, reliable technologies with over 4,000 proven formulas, proprietary high-end instrumentation, failsafe digital controls, and surface treatment services.

ABOUT NORDIC TRACTION; Nordic Traction Group develops, manufactures and sells traction products for professional use to suit all vehicles from ATVs to the largest forestry machines, offering customers a full range of forestry chains and bogie tracks. The company’s two state of the art manufacturing sites in Finland and Scotland produce chains and tracks of highest quality with almost a century worth of experience.

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