Captive/Commercial Heat Treater Completes Furnace Install

Over the years “The Monty Heat Treat News” has reported several times on a large captive/commercial heat treater in Ovar, Portugal by the name of Ramada S.A. The last time we mentioned the firm was November of 2023 when we spoke about the company investing in 2 new sealed quench furnaces being provided by Ipsen of Kleve, Germany. The installation is now complete as we can see in this photo and the press release below.

“APRIL 28/2024; RAMADA AÇOS is launching a new line of automatic heat treatments with controlled atmosphere and oil cooling – carburizing, carbonitruding, tempering, among others. With more than 70 years of experience, the Heat Treatment unit in Ovar thus increases its production capacity to a maximum of 9,000kg/day, with the possibility of treating pieces up to 1300 mm in length and 1,500 kg.

This new line of heat treatments is the result of a partnership with the supplier IPSEN, a global reference in this type of equipment. Cutting-edge technology allows you to automate and digitalize heat treatment processes, making the production unit safer, more efficient and sustainable, also ensuring the automation of quality control.

RAMADA AÇOS thus reinforces its positioning in the Iberian market as a true partner in the industry, such as metalworking, molds, among others. The company combines greater production capacity with close customer support and a specialized team capable of finding the best technical solutions, prioritizing the quality and speed of service execution, competitiveness and trust.”

“NOVEMBER 22/2023; Captive Heat Treater Prepares to Receive New Sealed Quench Furnaces; The Monty Heat Treat News has spoken several times about captive/commercial heat treater Ramada S.A. in Ovar, Portugal-as a matter of fact Gord and Dale Montgomery visited this facility in 2021 (you can read our summary of that visit further down).

As we have previously reported the company recently invested in two brand new Ipsen Sealed Quench furnaces (Batch IQ furnaces to our North American readers)-the project involves 2 Ipsen-RTQF-XL-GRM furnaces with all the ancillary items required. The furnaces are now completed at Ipsen in Kleve, Germany and prior to shipping Ipsen hosted the entire Ramada heat treat team for a week of training as you can see in this picture.

“NOVEMBER 2021; Ramada ACOS is a captive/commercial heat treater located in the northern part of Portugal in the city of Ovar. The firm is another example of a company which offers some of the most “state of the art” heat treatment processes available anywhere in the world. Ramada has been in business  for more than 75 years both as a heat treater and a distributor of steel for Uddeholm. The company has 13 vacuum hardening and vacuum nitriding furnaces all from French furnace builder BMI along with 8 sealed quench furnaces with oil quenching, Interestingly enough at least some of the sealed quench furnaces are from a Brazillian furnace manufacturer by the name of Brasimet which caught our attention-as it turns out because of the historical connection between Portugal and Brazil this is a not uncommon occurence.

The vacuum furnaces include a hardening furnace with dimensions of 1200 mm X 1200 mm X 1800 mm (48″ x 48″ x 72″) with 13 bar nitrogen quenching, a vacuum carburizing system, several tempering units and some nitriding systems. Every single one as mentioned previously was provided by BMI in Lyon, France and in many cases Ramada has been the testing ground for new processes being developed by BMI.””

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