Captive/Commercial Heat Treater Closes Doors-Outsources Heat Treating

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA we find a reasonably large Captive/Commercial heat treater by the name of Treat All Metals, a division of Regal Rexnord Corp., a manufacturer of electric motors and power transmission components headquartered in Beloit, Wisconsin.

For many years Treat All offered a variety of heat treating processes including press quenching on a commercial basis and also as a service for their parent company Regal Rexnord. For reasons unknown to “The Monty Heat Treat News” the company recently decided that it made more sense to outsource the work and the end result is that the company closed down with the equipment being sold off. Part of the equipment, in particular the press quenching systems will go to a local heat treater who will take over the heat treating requirements of Regal Rexnord.

These photos show a small portion of the equipment at Treat All.​

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