Can Eng Set To Install Mesh Belt Furnace Line

“CAN-ENG Furnaces International Ltd has been contracted to design and commission a complete large capacity fastener hardening furnace system for a tier one automotive supplier based in Detroit, USA. The contract is the result of CAN-ENG successfully delivering multiple systems to this customer over a twenty year period and supports the capacity increases for the fastener manufacturing company, which offers wire processing, heat treating, coating and packaging services. CAN-ENG was contracted to see through the design and commissioning for a complete high-quality automotive fastener hardening furnace system that closely integrates a computerised part tracking and metering system, pre-washer, mesh belt hardening furnace, oil quench system, post washer, temper furnace, soluble oil system, endothermic gas generator and Level 2 automation system. The contracted system is engineered to produce at a rated capacity of 6,000lb (2,700kg) per hour. This project is currently being processed through CAN-ENG’s manufacturing and is planned for commissioning in Q1 2019.”