CAN-ENG Furnaces International, Ltd., Talks About Global Supply Chain Issues

“The Monty Heat Treat News” is looking at how Global Supply Chain Issues are affecting the heat treatment industry-as part of these efforts we are speaking with industry suppliers. Mr. Tim Donofrio, Vice President Sales at Can-Eng Furnaces International, Ltd., offers these very insightful thoughts. At the conclusion of our series we will summarize what common denominators there are amongst all suppliers.

“With almost two years under our belts following the emergence of the Covid 19 pandemic, CAN-ENG Furnaces International, Ltd., feels that this experience has made us stronger as an organization and has contributed to improving our business fundamentals that have served us well and will guide us into the future.

Looking back at the Covid-19 Pandemic experience, hundreds of millions of people have lived through lockdowns, isolation and people were forced to abruptly shift from working from home and millions even lost their jobs.  This obviously created significant uncertainty and anxiety for people not knowing what the future would hold.  As an essential service, CAN-ENG’s was not mandated to close its operations during the early days of the Pandemic, however in an abundance of caution decided to  have office personnel work remotely if possible.  This obviously created short term technology and connectivity challenges, however this was quickly remedied with the deployment of remote hardware and conversion to virtual meetings.

Further challenges associated with supply chain support and timely deliveries ensued which resulted in an overhaul on how we managed suppliers. These changes included:

1) Increasing our number of suppliers

2) Advance procurement of common products and/or increasing stocking levels

3) Re-Design of system in cases where component deliveries could not be satisfied

4) Increased communications and planning with all suppliers

On the commercial side, additional activities took place to ensure heightened customers communications were maintained and included personal contact via virtual meetings and embedding of resources in regions for direct face to face contact was required.  In some cases, creative commercial solutions were developed to address the hyper-inflation of raw materials (Steel and Refractory) and overall equipment lead times were extended appropriately suit the delays being realized from the supply chain.

CAN-ENG does not believe the Pandemic recovery will be short and painless and as such, CAN-ENG has responded and has put the systems in place to address the lack of integrated component supply, extended supply chain lead times and resource shortages to ensure the on-time delivery of systems and satisfaction of our customers.  These Pandemic pressures have provided CAN-ENG the opportunity to re-think how we do things and in most cases improve and showcase how resilient an organization CAN-ENG Furnaces International, Ltd., is today and into the future.” Tim Donofrio, Vice President Sales, Can-Eng Furnaces International, Ltd.

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