CAN-ENG Furnaces International Lands Large Mesh Belt Furnace Orders

To compliment this very interesting press release we are including 2 photos. The first shows a 6,000 pound per hour CAN-ENG mesh belt furnace line being installed at Metex Heat Treating a couple of years ago. The second photo shows the new owner of CAN-ENG, Mr. Victor Oreskovich along with Gord Montgomery of “The Monty Heat Treat News”.

“CAN-ENG Furnaces International, Ltd, has recently been awarded two contracts from one of the Worlds largest producers of high volume, specialty automotive fasteners. The systems being provided represent CAN-ENG’s high capacity line of Mesh Belt Fastener Heat Treatment Systems.

CAN-ENG was selected again by this client largely as a result of the proven system benefits realized through low energy consumption, reduced part mixing, reduced part damage potential and high uptime productivity when compared to conventional cast link conveyor designs.

The system when commissioned will include: Computerized vibratory loading system, Rotary phosphate removal washer, Mesh belt hardening furnace,  Oil quench system, Post quench wash system, Mesh belt temper furnace, soluble oil and part containerization system.

These fully integrated systems will feature CAN-ENG’s PET™ Process Enhancement Technology System (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) which provides the client with complete product traceability through the critical thermal process, process data collection, historical event archiving, process variable trend monitoring, scheduling optimization and energy consumption features which are unique to CAN-ENG systems.

This contract represents a continued partnership with a renowned Italian based fastener manufacturer, with previously installations located in the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Italy. These new systems will further increase CAN-ENG’s supply base and penetrate the European Union market following their commissioning early 2022.”

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