Can-Eng Furnaces Commissions 6,000 Pound Per Hour Mesh Belt Furnace Line

According to this press release Canadian furnace builder Can-Eng Furnaces recently started up a 6,000 pound per hour mesh belt furnace line; Can-Eng Furnaces International Ltd., recently commissioned a 6,000-pound/hour mesh belt furnace to a supplier of safety-critical automotive fasteners. The system includes a loading system, controlled-atmosphere mesh-belt hardening furnace, oil-quench system, post-quench wash system, mesh-belt tempering furnace, soluble oil system and Can-Eng’s SCADA system.

This is the third mesh belt furnace line the company has announced in 2020. The two others include Gallos Metal Solutions in Milwaukee, WI, USA, and Metex Heat Treat in Brampton, Ontario, Canada and we have included those press releases below;

September 1/2020; Can-Eng Furnaces International, Ltd. (CAN-ENG) has recently delivered a high capacity Mesh Belt Heat Treatment Furnace line to Gallos Metal Solutions Inc., Milwaukee, WI (GALLOS). Specializing in continuous mesh belt atmosphere heat treatment, GALLOS selected CAN-ENG to provide a custom engineered continuous atmosphere heat treating system to be used primarily for demanding processing including Carbonitriding and Carburizing, while allowing for neutral heat treatment with a production capacity up to 4000 lb/hr. This furnace line is part of GALLOS’ massive plant expansion and modernization project which has more than doubled the existing plant square footage, increased capacity and added automation.”

March 23/2020; Metex Heat Treat Orders Mesh Belt Furnace Line. Commercial heat treater Metex Heat Treat in Mississauga, Canada is bucking the trend these days with a major new investment. Just last week the company placed on order a brand new 7200 pound per hour mesh belt furnace line. The gas fired line with oil quenching and state of the art controls will be provided by a Canadian company. Metex is a family owned business founded by the President and owner Mr. Surjit Bawa Metex which has grown to be one of the largest commercial heat treaters in North America for fasteners. Currently the company has 7 mesh belt furnace lines ranging in size from 1,000 pounds per hour up to 6,000 pounds per hour with a total capacity of over 300,000 pounds per day AND this is before this newest addition. Interestingly enough the demand for their continuous heat treating is so strong that the company has asked for an expedited delivery. This photo shows one of the lines installed at the plant. It is worth pointing out that second from the left we see Mr. John Vanas, President of Euclid Heat Treat, a very large facility located in Euclid, Ohio, USA.”

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