California Heat Treater Makes Very Substantial Investment in New Equipment

In California, USA we have learned that commercial heat treater Newton Heat Treating in Rowland Heights, CA is just about to install two brand new, state of the art solution heat treating furnaces-this represents an investment in the millions of dollars. In the past we have described the owner of the company, Mr. Greg Newton as the most enthusiastic heat treater we have ever met and our opinion has not changed.

We will now turn the floor over to Greg who has these comments and photos and we also include a press release which we did about the company way back in 2010.

Hi Gord, these 3 photos show you my new state of the art, ±5°F fast quench,  solution heat treat furnaces that are now  being tested at the manufacturer’s facility.  CHE (California Heating Equipment) is the company we have contracted with for the manufacturing and installation. The president of CHE John Tittelfitz has been a pleasure to work with and really understands the difficulties of replacing old equipment with new. The goal being the removal of the old furnaces and the installation of the new ones in 3 weeks!”

“2010 POSTING; Earlier this week we mentioned how commercial heat treater Newton Heat Treating was expanding their plant and in the process tripling their capacity. Let’s give you some more details. The company was originally started by Ted Newton 42 years ago and like virtually every captive and commercial heat treater in CA their mainstay is Aerospace heat treating-in this case largely for aluminum products. Aluminum, cold stabilization, X-ray diffraction, straightening and custom quenching are what is driving their expansionNadcap certified the company is one of the few in North America if not the world that saw no decline in business in 2009 which says a lot about the President, Greg Newton and management. Greg by the way deserves the title of the most enthusiastic heat treater in the industry, damn this fellow is enthusiastic about what he does although when he was explaining some of the processes he lost me pretty quickly. The photo shows from left to right Gord Montgomery, Bert Skonberg, Greg Newton and Doug Nord, Business Development Manager. It’s always a joy to spend time with people that have a passion for what they do and this company certainly fits the bill.

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