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“The Monty Heat Treat News” was recently invited to the Mississauga, Canada facility of Busch Vacuum Solutions (2nd largest of three sites in Canada). Busch Group (based in Germany) is one of the world’s largest suppliers of industrial vacuum solutions (pumps, systems, service) and during our visit, we learned that the company has very ambitious plans of expanding their service offerings to the heat treatment industry.

The service offering in Canada, will be accelerated by leveraging resources and staff of Vacuum Furnace Engineering (VFE) in the UK, acquired by the Busch UK division 2021. VFE is a company dedicated to servicing the vacuum furnace industry, from vacuum and thermal audit to hot zone replacement and total overhaul. Already offering full warranty overhaul of all vacuum pump/blower makes, the team in Canada is also aggressively entering the leak detection business, utilizing instruments designed and built by Pfeiffer Vacuum – the companies are linked by Busch Group (Global) share ownership. In addition to other plans in Canada, an ISO certified metrology lab will be established, with service delivery planned by Q4 2023. “Our focus on service in the metallurgy market, including all vacuum furnace and coating applications, is also a response to demand”, as Sean Duffin Director of Business Development, explains, “…it’s a byproduct of the aging technical work force and retirement of that knowledge from the workplace. We’re expanding our technical workforce and using the knowledge/expertise of the Busch Global network of companies to grow.”

Busch, with approximately 90 staff, operates in Canada through four locations, Montreal/Mississauga/Calgary/Vancouver. Each site stocks pumps and spares while also delivering shop-overhaul and field-service. The Montréal (Boisbriand) site, headquarters for over 35 years, is also home to the engineering and systems assembly group, who provide advanced solutions to markets ranging from medical and food to chemical and plastics. Given there is already land available, growth plans may likely be reflected at the Mississauga and Montreal locations.

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Sean Duffin, Martin Arsenault (Busch Canada), Jordan Montgomery (“The Monty Heat Treat News”)

Sean Duffin, Gord Montgomery

Sean Duffin, Martin Arsenault (Busch Canada)