Brazilian Heat Treater Tecnotêmpera Installs Largest LPC Vacuum Furnace in South America

Rather an interesting story. This item tells us about a Chinese company by the name of Fulcrum installing the largest single chamber vacuum carburizing furnace in Brazil, a furnace with a capacity of 4,000 kg (roughly 9,000 pounds). Its interesting that the individual who sold the furnace is Mr. Thomas Kreuzaler, a German who we have met many times at heat treat events in Germany who moved to Brazil a few years ago. Read on;

Tecnotêmpera, a major service heat treater in the southeast of Brazil, acquired a heat treatment line for the heat treatment of tools, large dies and functional parts. The vacuum furnace in this line has the largest payload in Brazil, a gross load of 4000 kg. Its dimensions of 1000 x 1000 x 1500 mm (39’’x 59” x 39”) make it one of the largest furnaces in South America. 

However, it is the largest single-chamber low-pressure carburising vacuum furnace in South America. The complete semi-automatic line, which consist of a vacuum furnace, an annealing furnace, a tempering furnace, manually operated forklifts and a supervisory software, will start operation in the second half of 2020. Fulcrum, a Chinese furnace manufacturer and one of the leading technological companies in heat treatment equipment in Asia, supplies the equipment. Tecpropro is the South American representative of Fulcrum. 

About Tecnotêmpera; Tecnotêmpera was founded 20 years ago in Guaramirim, state of Santa Catarina, and offers heat treatment service in salt, atmosphere, induction and vacuum plus controlled gas nitriding. Tecnotêmpera serves customers all over Brazil with own logistics. The company has been growing for years in turnover and process offer, running a non-interrupted 365 days/24 hours-heat treatment plant. Managing owners Luciane Bachel and Vitor Luiz Possenti stand with their names for quality, reliability and responsibility in heat treatment.

About Tecpropro; Brazilian company with German management, offers management Consulting and is representing manufacturers of advanced equipment and components. Founded in 2015 in São Paulo, Brazil, its managing owner Thomas Detlef Kreuzaler, who started working 2009 in Brazil for Bodycote, lives and works in São Paulo/Brazil since 2014. 

About FULCRUM; Fulcrum Heating System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (FHSS) was established in year 2013 in Shanghai. Yi Chen, managing owner,  former manager at Ipsen, founded the company to produce technologically advanced and reliable heat treatment equipment with expert systems for LPC and gas nitriding