Bolt & Nut Manufacturer Invests in Heat Treat Department

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA Copper State Bolt & Nut Company is a second generation manufacturer and distributor of fasteners and related products. The company has long done most of their heat treatment in house as part of their manufacturing process and to this end are committed to having the latest heat treatment technologies.

The company very recently invested in a brand new endothermic generator to replace two older units. The “Tru-Mix” gas fired endothermic generator is being provided by McLaughlin Furnace Group of Avilla, Indiana USA. Delivery and installation is expected mid 2023.

About Copper State; “Copper State Bolt & Nut is committed to being the finest manufacturer and distributor of fasteners and related products in North America.  We are dedicated to excellence in all phases of our business through a strong commitment to quality, customer service and return on equity.  Our philosophy is aimed at creating an enriching and fulfilling environment for our employees and maintaining long term relationships with our customers and vendors.  Our focus on the future is towards continuous improvement. Company Overview | About Us | Copper State

About McLaughlin Furnace Group; “McLaughlin Furnace Group, based in Avilla, Indiana, USA is a leading provider of heat treatment solutions. Whether it is an Endothermic Generator, Batch IQ Furnace, Nitriding system or Carbottom furnace McLaughlin prides themselves on being able to provide the best solution with the fastest delivery. McLaughlin Furnaces | American Made | Global Reach (

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Ben Tackett, Ryan McLaughlin With a Typical McLaughlin “Tru-Mix” Generator