Bodycote, Elgin, Illinois, USA

May 13 of this year commercial heat treating giant Bodycote announced they would shortly be opening their brand new facility in Elgin, Illinois, USA (the press release is below). The firm was actually quite modest in their announcement in that they didn’t say much about the equipment. We can tell you that Bodycote spared no expense when it came to the equipment. For instance this location will have vacuum nitriding capacity which comes from a German supplier and state of the art vacuum carburizing furnaces. We look forward to visiting the plant one of these days and giving you more details about the processes they offer.

“Bodycote, the world’s largest provider of heat treatments and specialist thermal processing services, will open a new state of the art facility in Elgin, Illinois, USA. The new purpose built facility has been designed as a replacement for Bodycote’s ageing facility in Melrose Park, Illinois. The Elgin facility is scheduled to be operational in June 2020. It will support manufacturing supply chains in the Midwest region. The Melrose Park facility will be closed once the transfer of customers’ work has been completed. Bodycote continues to invest in acquiring, updating and building new facilities with new capacity and more operationally efficient services. The new Elgin facility is part of this ongoing strategy to provide the best possible capabilities, mix, and geographical network to better serve customers. Tom Gibbons, President of Classical Heat Treatment, North America, commented “I am delighted to be able to announce the opening of our plant in Elgin, Illinois. Our investment in the new facility enables us to expand our capacity and improve our ability to deliver high-quality heat treatment capabilities to our customers.” Bodycote has more than 70 facilities in North America.”