Bodycote Elgin, Illinois, USA New Facility

Earlier this year we posted a press release from Bodycote, the world’s largest commercial heat treater about a brand new facility the company was building in Elgin, Illinois, USA (the original press release from January of this year is below).  We understand the new facility is progressing and that orders for new equipment have been placed. This plant will eventually replace the Bodycote location in Melrose Park, Illinois which is just 25 miles away. Melrose Park was originally a Lindberg plant (commercial heat treater Lindberg was of course acquired by Bodycote quite a few years back). The Melrose Park plant is probably the largest Bodycote facility in North America if not in the world in terms of sheer size but large parts of it are unused and certainly underutilized. It would appear that Bodycote very much to their credit is investing a great deal of money in a new location, new equipment and new technologies. One of the photos below shows Melrose Park as we saw it a few years back.

“Bodycote, U.K., the world’s largest provider of heat treatment and specialist thermal processing services, announces plans to open a new heat treating facility by late 2019 in Elgin, Illinois. The plant will support the automotive, agricultural, mining, construction, and various other manufacturing supply chains in the Upper Midwest region.  The new facility will include advanced heat treating technologies such as low-pressure carburizing and carbonitriding, vacuum nitriding and ferritic nitrocarburizing, Bodycote’s proprietary Corr-I-Dur process, and traditional carburizing of large parts.  According to Dan McCurdy (editors note; Dan McCurdy recently retired) President Automotive & General Industrial, North America & Asia division, “This investment demonstrates Bodycote’s commitment to serving the Midwest with the services our customers ask for and require.”