Bodycote Elgin, Illinois, USA Grand Opening

In 2020 heat treating giant Bodycote announced the opening of a brand new commercial heat treating facility in Elgin, Illinois-a facility which was built to replace the older Melrose Park, IL operation. Due to COVID restrictions the grand opening was delayed until now with an open house being held Thursday April 7 from 11:30 AM to 4:30 PM at 1620 Cambridge Drive, Elgin, IL 60123. These photos show some of the equipment which is now installed and running.

Speaking of “Bodycote Grand Openings” we would have to assume that sometime in the next few months Bodycote will be having an open house at another of their brand new facilities, this one the location in Syracuse, New York. “The Monty Heat Treat News” has already had the privilege of touring the Syracuse plant and we have to say it is a beauty.

“DECEMBER 9 2020 MACCLESFIELD (U.K.) — Bodycote, the world’s largest provider of heat treatments and specialist thermal processing services, is pleased to announce the opening of a new facility in Elgin, Illinois, USA. The Elgin facility upgrades our capabilities and positions Bodycote as part of an ongoing strategy to provide the best possible capabilities and geographical network to better serve customers from the agricultural, mining, construction, automotive and various
other manufacturing supply chains in the Upper Midwest region.

The brand new facility is now fully operational and supporting customer requirements. Bodycote continues to provide all of the processes and capabilities which were previously offered at the Melrose Park location. Additionally, the new state of the art facility in Elgin offers nitriding, Corr-I-Dur, nitrocarburizing and low pressure carburizing (LPC) solutions. Stephen Harris, Bodycote Group Chief Executive, commented, “We’re very pleased to announce the opening of the new facility in Elgin, Illinois. The purpose-built facility demonstrates Bodycote’s commitment to serving the Midwest and helps us to shape the future of both our company and the industry.” Bodycote has more than 70 facilities in North America. There will be an official opening event when COVID-19 related restrictions are lifted.”

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