BMI to Deliver 3 Vacuum Oil Quenching Furnace

Located in Grenoble, France BMI is part of the HTC Group which includes IVA Schmetz (Germany), Mahler (Germany), Fours Industriels B.M.I. (France) and IVA Schmetz Industrial Furnaces (China). All four companies specialize in advanced technologies for heat-treatment processes for components. If you recall the group was sold by the previous owners, “Tenova” back in 2019 to a Chinese company Qizhi GmbH and Shanghai Qizhi Information Technologies Co. Ltd., both members of Ningbo Qijing Holding Co. Ltd. BMI offers a wide range of vacuum furnaces which includes a very specialized offering, vertical oil quenching furnaces. In this photo you see one of 3 being constructed by the company, all of which are scheduled to be delivered in 2022.

The gentleman in front of the furnace is Mr. Erdogan Biyikli, General Manager of Edel Metal company who since 2004 have been the HTC repos in turkey. As HTC now has more than 70 furnaces installed in Turkey we can safely assume that this has been a long and mutually beneficial partnership.

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