BMI France Receives Orders For Two Tempering Furnaces

From furnace builder BMI of France we have this news item about the company receiving orders for 2 vacuum tempering furnaces from two different customers, one in Spain and one in Italy; “We have just signed the pre-acceptance protocol for two new tempering furnaces type B55R, one of which is also capable of a low pressure nitriding process. Each furnace can handle a load of up to 2000kg. One furnace will be shipped to a commercial heat treater in Spain, who already has two BMI furnaces installed (aluminum brazing and gas quenching furnaces). The second furnace will be shipped to Italy, to a tool making manufacturer for in-house heat treatment of their own production. These new orders are proof that despite the COVID crisis, the industry sector in Europe is flourishing. Our customers increase their production capacity in order to meet the market needs and that is great news for Europe’s economy.”

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