Bluewater Thermal Solutions receives Nadcap® Merit Status for Heat Treating

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Nadcap® recognizes Bluewater Thermal Solutions for its superior performance and commitment to continual improvement in aerospace quality. Bluewater Thermal Solutions announces that it has been awarded Nadcap® Merit status for Heat Treating. “Our South Bend facility has once again received Nadcap’s merit status for heat treating – this time with zero nonconformances during our reaccreditation audit. I am incredibly proud of our team’s efforts and their commitment to excellence. Our unwavering focus on continual improvement is just one way we exceed our customers’ expectations.” Clifton Higdon, Director-Quality

Bluewater Thermal Solutions has held Nadcap® accreditation since 2010. Having demonstrated their ongoing commitment to quality by satisfying customer requirements and industry specifications, the Nadcap® Task Group has determined that Bluewater Thermal Solutions has earned special recognition. This means that, instead of having their next Nadcap® audit in twelve months, Bluewater Thermal Solutions has been granted an accreditation that lasts until August 31, 2024.

Jay Solomond, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the Performance Review Institute, said: “Nadcap® accreditation is globally recognized as a hallmark of quality, and is a major accomplishment. For many years, the aerospace industry has incorporated Nadcap into its approach for handling risk, as it demonstrates compliance to industry standards and customer requirements. I wish to congratulate Bluewater Thermal Solutions which has gone a step beyond, by achieving 24-month Merit status. This entitles them to a less frequent audit schedule which reduces audit-related costs and other associated pressures. PRI is proud to support the continuous improvement of quality at Bluewater Thermal Solutions and within the wider industry. Well done to everybody involved.”

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