Bill Disler, CEO Of AFC Holcroft Leaving

The Monty Heat Treat News” searched through our archived photos for our most recent picture of Bill and we came across this one taken in October of 2022 at the heat treat exhibition in Cologne, Germany. Bill is on the left, flanked by the former CEO of Aichelin, Peter Schobesberger, Christian Grosspointer, Michael Reisner and Gord Montgomery of The Monty Heat Treat News.

“William Disler, President and CEO at AFC-Holcroft, has announced that he is stepping down from the company, effective March 30, 2023. As part of the departure news, the company also announced Tracy Dougherty and Ronald Waligora will share senior leadership responsibility for leading the company. Dougherty, formerly Vice President of Sales, has been named Chief Operating Officer for Sales, Applications, Marketing and Aftermarket Sales while Waligora, formerly Senior Engineering Manager, has been named Chief Operating Officer for Project Management, Engineering, Manufacturing and Field Services.

Disler said, “It has been an exciting and rewarding journey with AFC-Holcroft. It is hard to believe it started more than 35 years ago. Over the years I have had a chance to work with  manyincredible people and have made many friends.” He added, “I have every confidence that the new leadership will continue to guide the company in a good direction. We have brought together a stellar team, and I feel good that I am leaving the company in such capable hands, and that this company will continue its long history of excellence into the future. I am very proud of AFC-Holcroft and the people that have always worked so hard to make it such a great company.”

Disler started his career at the Holcroft Company in 1987 as an electrical engineer newly graduated from Lawrence Technical University, where he currently sits on the Advisory Board of the College of Engineering. His career included extensive international involvement, including living in Asia for more than 2 years coordinating furnace co-builds with multiple customers. He began to transition his way into engineering and sales roles, such as Manager of Advanced Controls and Far East Operations Manager, with a growing emphasis on international business, which eventually led to his senior positions at AFC-Holcroft. He traveled throughout more than 25 countries around the world while supporting sales,

engineering, and manufacturing activities. After serving as the company’s Executive Vice President starting in 2005, he was named President and CEO of AFC-Holcroft in 2012. Christian Grosspointner, CEO of Aichelin Group said, “I would like to offer my appreciation to Bill for his dedication to AFC-Holcroft over so many years. And to the new management team, I wish you great success as you lead the company forward.”

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