Avion Europe Makes Acquisition

“Avion Europa GmbH, based in Hagen, Germany, has hired engineering and technical staff of insolvent Nova Therm Sp. J., former supplier of industrial equipment, spare parts and service in Poland in the field of heat treatment of metals. With Pawel Szczepaniak and Michal Skrocki AVION Europa GmbH will be able to utilize an expanded range of knowledge and its scope of supply. This transaction will bring benefits to all customers working with Avion Europa GmbH and former Nova Therm customers.

Many years of experience of Avion Europa GmbH in the field of solutions for the metal heat treatment industry and the experience transferred from Nova Therm complement each other perfectly. Avion Europa GmbH will ensure continuous, uninterrupted delivery of spare parts, service and support for equipment formerly manufactured and delivered by Nova Therm. Avion Europa GmbH works with industry suppliers such as;

  • Super Systems Inc. USA / Super Systems Europe – oxygen probes, atmosphere analyzers and atmosphere control systems in metal heat treatment furnaces,
  • SBS Corporation USA – quenching oil filters, quenching oil coolers and water-in-oil detection systems,
  • Sistem Makina manufacturer of industrial furnaces Türkiye,

In order to ensure efficient communication and execution of orders with existing customers of Nova Therm, the contact person in Polish is Mr. Damian Szarapanowski, Technical Director of Avion Europa GmbH.  More details on the website https://avion-europe.de/pl/ Contact persons: Damian Sharapanowski +48 504 215 130

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Pawel Szczepaniak, Michal Skrocki, Roland Caminades, Damian Szarapanowski