Automotive Company Orders Second EndoFlex Generator From UPC-Marathon, a Nitrex Company

“An automotive company in South America has recently placed a follow-up order for a second EndoFlex generator from UPC-Marathon, a Nitrex company. Following the successful installation of a 200 m³/h EndoFlex unit last year, the new generator, boasting a similar capacity, aims to enhance stability, ensure consistent composition and gas flows, and prioritize top-tier quality of automotive gear boxes while achieving efficiencies in heat treatment operations.

Prior to adopting the EndoFlex solution, the manufacturer relied on four outdated generator units, each with a capacity of 70 m³/h and consuming 80 kW of power. Remarkably, with the same 80 kW of power consumption, the EndoFlex generator delivers an impressive 200 m³/h capacity, marking a substantial increase in efficiency and cost-effectiveness for the customer.

This transition to EndoFlex represents not only a remarkable 75% reduction in power consumption but also a significant contribution to operational efficiency and sustainability efforts. Furthermore, the new generator streamlines maintenance procedures, adheres to stringent quality standards, and reduces CO2 emissions. EndoFlex’s precision control over gas quality and production for the neutral hardening furnace enhances product quality, reduces operating costs, and optimizes energy consumption. By automatically adjusting gas production to match real-time furnace demand, EndoFlex effectively eliminates overproduction and waste.

“We’re proud to continue our partnership with this automotive customer,” remarked Marcio Boragini, UPC-Marathon’s Sales Director for Brazil. “This latest investment builds on the success of our first EndoFlex installation, establishing a benchmark for excellence. Moreover, EndoFlex offers a compelling return on investment, empowering the manufacturer to achieve their business objectives fast, while reinforcing our commitment to driving success together.”

ABOUT UPC-MARATHON. UPC-Marathon, a Nitrex company, pioneers industrial process control, automation, and digitalization for heat treatment and combustion markets. Our mission is to support furnace OEMs and equipment end-users with innovative solutions, enhancing profitability and reliability while optimizing operational efficiency. End-to-end control solutions encompass probes, analyzers, controllers, flow control systems, upgrades/retrofits, SCADA, and engineered solutions for various heat treat processes. Leveraging our digitalization platform QMULUS, customers gain a deeper understanding of their assets and production processes. Dedicated to our customers’ sustainable growth, UPC-Marathon delivers localized service with a global approach to excellence and care.”

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