Auto Parts Supplier In Mexico To Install CAB Line

SECO/WARWICK, the undisputed leader in CAB technology, will provide an international company in the automotive industry with an EV/CAB line; the design was chosen most often by the automotive sector. The EV/CAB system is designed to braze large-size car battery coolers for the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

This proven solution will operate at the newly established factory in Mexico. This is the fifth SECO/WARWICK CAB line for this manufacturer. It is estimated that by 2025 the market for electric vehicles will be worth about 84 billion dollars. SECO/WARWICK created the EV/CAB line in response to the special needs of the automotive market and e-mobility segment.

The furnace was designed specifically for the production of oversized battery coolers. ln this case, the key to successful production is the perfect temperature uniformity on the 1900 mm wide belt and the design of the curtain and cooling chambers. The line includes a brazing furnace, convection preheating chamber, cooling chamber with air jacket, final cooling chamber, and an innovative control system.

This Client, four years ago, ordered the first CAB line for its Chinese plants and then bought three more twin lines for protective atmosphere brazing. The current order for the Mexican factory is the fifth furnace from SECO/WARWICK that will be delivered for this holding company. All solutions are large CAB furnaces used in the production process for oversized battery coolers.

“Today, Asia is our main recipient of CAB technology and solutions for e-mobility, and this client is one of our leading Partners. This is the customer’s first order outside the Asian market. The new factory in Mexico will therefore be able to boast of the highest quality machine park. We are glad that SECO/WARWICK will be involved in this project. We are also happy that customers come back to us, and when they open new branches, we are their first-choice supplier. It is an expression of trust and confirmation of the high quality of our product and service,” says Piotr Skarbiński, Vice President of  Aluminum and CAB Products Segment in SECO/WARWICK.

SECO/WARWICK and the automotive industryThe global demand for battery coolers is increasing due to the growing production of electric vehicles.SECO/WARWICK, a leader in the production of CAB lines, perfectly cooperates with the automotive industry by providing solutions that help develop the technology for electric vehicle production. In this way, indirectly, it is part of the trend, and the obligation to reduce exhaust emissions and care for the natural environment.Super IQ®, is a hybrid system combining the features of conventional and vacuum furnaces, designed mostly for carburizing processes under elevated temperatures and equipped with traditional oil-bath quenching. The industry requires a cleaner, faster, and more efficient carburizing method. Compared with conventional methods, Super IQ® brings benefits in terms of increases in overall productivity. It operates under higher temperatures, which translates into shorter cycle times and thus more efficient production.

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