Winston Heat Treating Purchases 2 New Tempering Furnaces

The Monty Heat Treat News” would like to share the press release below about Winston Heat Treating purchasing 2 new temper furnaces from Delta H. Below that we have a previous article about Winston Heat Treating making the list of largest commercial heat treaters in North America.  

Dayton, OH:  DELTA H® recently supplied twin SCAHT®-HD (Heavy Duty) Series convection furnace systems to Winston Heat Treating.  The furnaces replaced older tempering systems that were extremely difficult to qualify to even Class 5 (+/- 25F).  Pyrometry expert Andrew Bassett of Aerospace Testing and Pyrometry (ATP) recommended to Winston Heat Treating management the acquisition of DELTA H furnaces as “the easiest furnace brand to qualify and maintain for aerospace pyrometry compliance, for this specific application”.  The furnaces had to be “heavy duty” for rugged daily use in a commercial heat treating facility.  Another challenging aspect was the ability to heat rapidly but also to cool just as fast, without damage to interior metal as a load heat treated at 1000°F could be quickly followed by the next at 300°F.  The result is that the new DELTA H furnaces can heat and cool in a fraction of the time of the previous systems.  

ATP independently demonstrated both systems as capable of passing Class 1 uniformity (+/-5°F), throughout the operating temperature range, but qualified them as Class 2 (+/- 10°F) from 300°F to 1200°F.  Both are set up with Instrumentation Type B and feature 2 load thermocouples.     

The furnaces feature a guaranteed certified TUS volume of 2 feet wide, 1.5 feet high and 2 feet deep with a maximum continuous operating temperature of 1,200°F.  Both are designed to receive baskets of parts from many nearby heat treating operations for secondary heat treatments.  Temperature control and data acquisition are provided by Super Systems and feature the SSi 9130 controller / programmer.  Both furnace systems were quickly integrated into their Super Data facility monitoring system – with zero learning curve.

The SCAHT®-HD Series is available in a variety of sized with current models featuring a guaranteed TUS volume up 2’ x 2’ x 4’.  All models feature the high performance characteristics and attention to detail that have distinguished DELTA H® for compliance to strict aerospace and Nadcap standards.  

“We were looking for a partner to replace existing tempering furnaces that had become too costly to maintain and could no longer meet required pyrometry standards. Our goal was to install reliable and modern furnaces that were specialized for our small batch/job shop work.  DELTA H delivered exactly that as well as outstanding technical and service support.  When it’s time to sunset the remaining tempering furnaces in that department, DELTA H will be our first call.” David Reger – President, Winston Heat Treating    

Previous articleSince 1999 “The Monty” has been publishing annually a list of the largest commercial heat treaters in North America based upon annual sales, our 2021 list can be found at This year readers will see we became much more ambitious and expanded the list to the 50 largest. In our 45th spot we have Winston Heat Treating.

In 1959 Winston Heat Treating was formed to service the local tool & die market. Since then the company has always focused on moving forward with new technologies and in the 1970’s the firm became a real pioneer in vacuum hear treating which resulted in Winston becoming one of the first to achieve both ISO and NADCAP status. Like so many on this list this is a family owned business with David Reger acting as President and his father John remaining very active. We have watched Winston grow and more importantly invest and it is a fine example of a modern commercial heat treater.

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