Captive Heat Treater Auburn Gear Opens up Heat Treat Department to “The Monty Heat Treat News” (Reposted)

Auburn, Indiana, USA is home to Auburn Gear LLC a very progressive manufacturer and captive heat treater who recently invited “The Monty Heat Treat News” to inspect their manufacturing facility and in house heat treat department. Auburn Gear, LLC is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom engineered wheel drives, axle drive components, and specialty drives and solutions for diverse mobile equipment applications. Through its expansive product portfolio of planetary gearboxes, electric drive systems, driveline systems, and differentials, Auburn Gear offers more than 120 base product models covering over 3,200 application solutions that transfer power and torque to wheels, axles, booms, augers, winches, and platforms. 
Gord Montgomery of “The Monty Heat Treat News” in conjunction with Ben Tackett and Ryan McLaughlin of “McLaughlin Furnace Group” were given the complete tour of the Auburn Gear facility this week by long time heat treater Don Bartelt, Process Metallurgist for Auburn Gear and it could not have been a more interesting and complete tour mainly because of Don’s enthusiasm for the company and it’s abilities.
What we viewed was a company which offers a complete “made in America” solution to high end drive systems. While the entire facility was fascinating, as usual our focus was on the “in house” heat treating department. In years past the heat treat department was fairly typical of many if not most heat treat departments-older, dark and smoky. However the decision was made earlier this year that this was no longer acceptable and early in 2022 most of the floors were replaced, solutions to smoke from the furnaces were addressed and the entire heat treat department was updated. The end result is that what you now see is quite a clear, well organized department with large batch IQ furnaces, ancillary equipment and a brand new induction system being added.
These photos show the Surface Batch IQ furnaces, part fixturing and in one of our favorite pictures the finished product ready for shipping. The underlying theme of the entire company is their desire to offer a top notch, entirely made in America product which has complete control over every part of the manufacturing process and this includes heat treating.
It was a joy to see this facility and we thank the entire “Auburn Gear” team for their incredible hospitality.

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Gord Montgomery, Don Bartelt, Ryan McLaughlin

Gord Montgomery, Don Bartelt, Ryan McLaughlin

Don Bartelt, Ben Tackett and Ryan McLaughlin (McLaughlin furnace group)