Ammunition Manufacturing-Red Hot These Days

If it has to do with manufacturing firearms or ammunition every single supplier is running flat out these days. In this press release L&L Special furnace tells us how they sold a system to an ammunition supplier in Eastern Europe.

“L&L Special Furnace Co., Inc., has shipped a dual-chamber heat treating and temper furnace along with an oil quench tank to a leading Eastern European ammunition manufacturer. The equipment will play a supportive role in keeping key production equipment on-line along with thermal processing of munitions projectiles. The project was brought to L&L by Kevin Brennan of Summit Associates, a long-standing Sales Representative for L&L.

The L&L model QDS124 has two chambers: the top chamber rated to 2,350°F is used for heat treating various steels and other non-ferrous materials. The bottom chamber, which is rated for 1,250°F, includes a recirculation fan and baffle for tempering, stress relief, or pre-heating.”

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