American Heat Treating Alabama Appoints President

​Commercial heat treater American Heat Treating Alabama in Anniston, Alabama very recently appointed Ms. Jennifer McPeek as President. Jennifer brings a lifetime of experience in the heat treatment industry in the US Southeast with her, having worked with companies such as Suncoast Heat Treating, Bodycote and Accurate Brazing.

About American Heat Treating Alabama; This location was part of Rex Heat Treat in PA one of the largest commercial heat treaters in North America as ranked by “The Monty Heat Treat News”  before being sold in 2022. At the time of sale the firm had 3 batch IQ austempering furnaces and a pusher line along with related equipment. This is how the company describes themselves; “Welcome to American Heat Treating Alabama, a highly specalized company that offers Austempering Ductile Iron (ADI), Salt quench services to meet the growing demands of foundries and manufacturers across the country. Headquarter in Anniston, Alabama, our team takes great pride in having more than 120 years of combined heat treating experience”. 

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