Aluminum Extrusion Provider Adds Nitriding System

“Qatar Aluminum Extrusion CO. (Qalex) received a second nitriding system from Nitrex. The aluminum profiles manufacturer wanted to equip a second extrusion plant with an independent nitriding furnace to save on handling, processing time, and costs associated with having to transport extrusion dies back and forth from its first factory for nitriding work. 

“This is the second turnkey system, but it might not be the last one,” says Marcin Stokłosa, project manager at Nitrex Poland. “The story for the initial furnace we sold to Qalex is very long but interesting. Discussions lasted a few years and the customer eventually decided on an order in 2017. In 2021, Qalex boosted the company’s production capacity with the acquisition of a second factory in Qatar dedicated to aluminum extrusion manufacturing and equipped with two extrusion presses. They knew they couldn’t nitride all dies from both factories in one furnace. Every part of this order went like clockwork. The decision to invest in another Nitrex nitriding system was quick thanks to drivers like customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and the guaranteed levels of die performance and expected results achieved with the first system. Qalex was also very pleased with our technical support and spare parts accessibility. What they ordered is an exact copy of the first Nitrex installation–an identical configuration with the same furnace model, size and process technology.” Nitrex ensured a quick delivery at the request of the customer. Installation and startup were completed in January 2022. 

ABOUT QALEX; Qatar Aluminum Extrusion CO. (Qalex)  is the brainchild of the Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company (QIMC). Located in New Industrial Area, Qatar, this multi-million project houses modern extrusion production facilities. Notably, Qalex is equipped with two extrusion presses (7-inch and 8-inch). The facilities also include a vertical powder coating line, the first complete automatic anodizing line in Qatar, installations for thermal break polishing and brushing, nitriding and extrusion dies, and a laboratory. Qalex mission is to increase its presence worldwide and provide efficient, cost-effective products and services. That’s why the company complies with international standards.”

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