Aluminum Extrusion Company to Heat Treat In-House Rather Than Outsource

“Following years of dialogue with NITREX, the young Polish aluminum profiles manufacturer ADT Solutions has finally purchased a turnkey nitriding system. Cultivating customer relationships and securing good business takes time, but with perseverance and the advantage of quality products endorsed by other players in the industry, the effort eventually paid off.

“The cooperation between ADT Solutions and NITREX has lasted since ADT Solutions started its business activity in the aluminum extrusion industry,” says Marcin Stokłosa, Project Manager at NITREX. “We first met with the ADT Solutions team years ago on another industry project, even before the manufacturing plant of ADT Solutions was established. Since then, we have had many conversations and conducted many meetings and tests to identify and address the customer’s needs and expectations.” Typically, newly established start-ups such as ADT Solutions chose to send their parts – in this case, extrusion dies – to a local commercial heat treater for nitriding. But to keep pace with the ever-growing market demand for aluminum profiles has meant a different solution. The company opted instead for an in-house nitriding system to take care of its production needs and cope with the increased volume of work. This order was a part of a bigger project working towards expanding operations, including the construction of a new production plant with a warehouse.

“Before ordering, the ADT Solutions team researched all options and through word-of-mouth recommendations knew that NITREX had delivered several nitriding installations to other aluminum extrusion companies in the country with die performance results that were very good,” states Marcin Stokłosa. The turnkey solution supplied and installed by Nitrex includes an NX-1015 pit-type furnace with a 2-ton (4410-lb) load capacity, NITREGR technologies for nitriding and nitrocarburizing treatments with tested recipes to achieve optimal die performance.”

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