Aluminum Drop Bottom Ovens-Auction

Thursday, December  10 Mobex Global in Franklin, Indiana, USA will be auctioning off some surplus equipment including 3 Despatch Aluminum Drop Bottom Ovens. Quite often what you see at these auctions is tired, worn out old junk but in this case this is really nice looking equipment and our prediction is that it will sell and sell for a reasonable price; “HEAT TREAT SYSTEMS (3) DESPATCH Heat Treat Systems – SOLUTION 1000° Furnaces, Direct Gas Fired, 5 Million BTU, 8” Dia. Fa Duct, 9” x 16” Exhaust Duct, Full Close Damper, Purge Doors – Age Oven, Direct Gas Fired, 750,000 BTU, 338° Max Temp, Quarantine / Release Exhaust Hood & Platform – Load Cars on Tracks, Hoists for Quench Tank, Single Lateral Moving Quench Tank, MCC Cabinets & Panels.”

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