ALP Aviation Turkey to Install Vacuum Furnace

“ALP Aviation is increasing its production capacity and expanding process capability with the purchase of an additional Vector vacuum furnace from SECO/WARWICK.  This purchase is the 4th installation for this client during 13 years of successful cooperation.  The first order for vacuum technology placed in 2007 was dedicated to landing gears. The next purchase in 2015 is a duplicate of the same furnace but with a smaller workload chamber, along with an additional Vector gas furnace for carburizing helicopter gear components. The 2020 order is a Vector furnace with some customized features. 

The new vacuum furnace is configured with horizontal charge loading, a maximum cooling gas pressure of 15 bar of Argon and Nitrogen, and a 900x900x1200mm (WxHxL) charge area. The furnace is dedicated to LPC carburizing of transmission components for helicopters and other aircraft.

Excellent customer support is included as a standard service to equip operators with the technological expertise required for precision SECO/WARWICK carburizing. The furnace design will increase the quantitative capacity of production. The Vector product group, utilizing the same carburizing technology currently in use in the ALP AVIATION facility, enables the furnace operators to bring the system online quickly and efficiently.”

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