Allied Locke Continues to Invest in Heat Treat Department

In the humble opinion of “The Monty Heat Treat News” far too many manufacturers treat their heat treating departments as an afterthought and fund them accordingly. Consequently it brings joy to our hearts when we see a manufacturer accord their in captive heat treat department the respect it deserves. Chain manufacturer and captive heat treater Allied Locke in Dixon, Illinois, USA is a good example of a company that believes heat treating is a core part of their manufacturing process.

Over the course of the past year the firm has invested in more batch IQ furnaces, new cleaning equipment, updated controls, more mesh belt capacity and a new and improved met lab. As spelled out in an earlier press release Allied has updated all of their furnace controls and tied them into a complete datalogging system located in the met lab-in one of these photos you can see oversized monitors which provide real time displays of all heat treat parameters. Other photos show a new microhardness tester, a mold press and the chemical lab bench set up.

In a few short weeks Gord Montgomery of “The Monty Heat Treat News” will be visiting this location at which point we can share some more details with you.

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