ALD’s new Sales Team for Vacuum Heat Treatment in North America

(Editor’s Note; Next week “The Monty” will be featuring an interview with Dr. Klaus Loeser, VP of ALD)

“ALD welcomes Andrew Chan in the position of Sales and Applications Engineer in the sales team for Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces and Equipment. Together with Ronald Creed (Director of Sales North America) and Manuel Rippl (Product Manager North America) he is part of our new sales team for the US, Canada and Mexico. The close cooperation between ALD North America and the German HQ ALD GmbH is reinforced by frequent visits of the German team – Joachim Boss (Director Sales Heat Treatment) and Natalie Beck (Product Manager Heat Treatment) – to the US, teaming up with our US colleagues to provide best expertise in furnace technologies and processes to our vacuum heat treatment customers.

Andrew Chan earned his Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia in 2009. His experience with high technology equipment sales and applications along with his materials science and engineering background makes Andrew a perfect match for his new position with ALD. Andrew joins us after nearly ten years sales experience in the vacuum metallurgy markets and previous experience in quality management of day to day operations testing heat treated samples through processes included carburizing, nitriding, carbonitriding, annealing, quench and temper, and niche heat treatment and surface treatment processes.

At the same time ALD North America’s Customer Service Organization continues to expand in key geographical areas with Field Service Engineers and Technical Experts located in Northern California, East Windsor CT, Charlotte, NC, Western NY and in the South East Technology Corridor where we have several large installations of equipment supporting automotive, energy and aerospace customers.

About ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH: ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH is a leading manufacturer of plants and systems for the thermal and thermo-chemical treatment of metallic materials in solid and liquid form and one of the market leaders in the metal and steel industry. The product range includes heat treatment systems for hardening high-precision engine and transmission components and tools, as well as vacuum systems for melting, casting and remelting metals and alloys, metals for solar cells, special coating systems for turbine blades in aviation, atomization systems for the production of high-quality metal powder. ALD employs about 500 people at its headquarters in Hanau, Germany, and about 900 people in 10 countries worldwide. ALD is part of AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V., Netherlands, a public listed technology company with leading market position and approximately 3,300 employees.”

Andrew Chan

Manuel Rippl