ALD Vacuum Technologies North America, Inc

“To our valued customers; ALD Vacuum Technologies North American Furnace Sales and Service organizations have joined together resulting in a single entity responsible for the Marketing, Sales and Services of our product lines including Vacuum Heat Treatment furnaces, Metallurgy furnaces and as well our Coatings and Hot Isothermal Forging equipment. Our new entity, ALD Vacuum Technologies North America, Inc, formed January 1, 2019, and headquartered In East Windsor, CT is responsible for providing those services through our direct sales and service group. We remain committed to our existing customers and continue to advance ALD's world-class and industry-leading technologies through our North American Company, fully supported by our headquarters: AMG Technologies GmbH.

A transition such as this causes change. One such change in our Heat Treatment furnace sales operation is the departure of Mr. William Gornicki, a longtime associate and colleague of ours who represented our company and products while known as ALD Holcroft and then ALD Vacuum Systems. We will miss Bill’s valuable support, and we wish him the best of luck in his new endeavors.

Our operations in ALD Thermal Treatment companies in Port Huron and Ramos Mexico remain unchanged. These operations continue to provide heat treatment services to the automotive and aerospace industries as they have in the past while developing new opportunities for customers with heat treatment needs. ALD Vacuum Technologies North America, our corporate headquarters AMG Technologies and our global organization are dedicated to our customer's success with our equipment by continuing to provide representation, technical services, and leading-edge technologies. We look forward to building on our existing relationships with our customers while continuing to advance our future in the markets of Heat Treatment and Metallurgy Technologies. Primary contacts for our products and services may be found on our web site and directly by contacting me:

David Esser: President ALD Vacuum Technologies North America, Inc. [email protected]: 860-254-1004

Mr. Joachim Boss: Director Sales ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH (AMG Technologies) [email protected]

Dr. Klaus.Loeser: Senior Vice President ALD Heat Treatment ALD Vacuum Technologies, GmbH (AMG Technologies) [email protected]

Thank you for your continued support and interest in ALD’s products and services.


David Esser

Dr. Klaus Loeser”