ALD Ships MonoTherm Vacuum Furnace in Record Time

ALD’s recent order for a single chamber high vacuum furnace with high pressure gas quenching was finalized in record time within six months. The project also included a separate vacuum tempering furnace with built-in nitriding capability and auxiliary equipment.

The equipment will be part of a wholly modernized facility for turbine manufacturing. With a pressing production start date, all units were pre-accepted including a hot test process run after as few as five months.

Many of us put our hearts and souls into making this happen. Special thanks go to our mechanics team around Andy Adler (3rd from the left), electrical engineering and commissioning – Rico Englert and Markus Kunkel (2nd from the left and rightmost respectively). Product Manager Natalie Roemer (1st from the left) as well as Vice President Heat Treatment Joachim Boss (4th from the left) accompanied the project from its very start back in 2013 to its conclusion today, and we couldn’t be prouder of the accomplishment.”

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