ALD Germany Expansion

This press release tells us how vacuum furnace manufacturer ALD based in Hanau, Germany is expanding. When we visited the company back in 2015 we were told that they were almost out of room-obviously that was the case. By the way ALD in North America (we are talking about the furnace manufacturing side of things-not the commercial heat treat side) is going through some real changes in their sales network. When everything is settled we will give you an update.

“ALD Vacuum Technologies is to expand its plant site in Hanau, Germany, with a new office building featuring 2,500 m2 of office space and a 2,000 m2 technical centre. The move into the new buildings has been planned for the end of 2019, with ALD recently reporting that it has been granted a building permit for the planned construction. In early 2016, ALD moved to the Fraunhofer Science Park in Hanau, where it now employs five-hundred. The expansion is expected to create space for an additional one-hundred employees, significantly reducing the space requirements for the ALD workforce.

Markus Holz, ALD CEO, stated, “Currently we have to move closer together and even create interim solutions in order to find a place for all employees. We are therefore very much looking forward to moving into the new buildings this year.” The ALD Research and Development Centre, previously located in one of ALD’s assembly halls, will be located in the new technical centre, especially equipped for the development of future-orientated systems. Development engineers will work in the new offices annexed directly onto the hall, with their direct proximity to the engineering staff expected to reduce development times, including machine construction, commissioning and test runs.”