Aerospace Manufacturer Orders Single Chamber Vacuum Furnace

“A global aerospace manufacturer recently ordered a single-chamber gas quench furnace for their US plant. The order also includes auxiliary equipment, such as a closed-loop water system, a gas reservoir, loader, and carbon fiber fixturing.

The Vector® 2-bar quenching unit from SECO/VACUUM is equipped with high vacuum diffusion pump and convection heating. It meets class 2 requirements per AMS2750F (temperature uniformity +/- 6°C (+/- 10°F). It will be installed in the company’s Center of Excellence and will be used to heat treat 3D printed parts.

This expansion of capabilities continues the relationship that SECO/WARWICK Group has with the manufacturer, who has been expanding their heat treat capabilities with the Group for the last 10 years at locations in Poland, Indonesia, Singapore, France, and the US.

Maciej Korecki, VP of the Vacuum Business Segment at SECO/WARWICK Group said that this is a confirmation that the company continues to deliver “products that not only fulfill but exceed their needs.”

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