Aerospace Company Adds to Heat Treat Department

“Tampa, FL / PEMCO Conversions – Airborne Maintenance and Engineering Services:  DELTA H® TECHNOLOGIES, LLC recently commissioned a state-of-the-art DCAHT® system for heat treating aviation grade aluminum. The new system was a modern replacement of an original DELTA H DCAHT furnace installed and in service since 2011 at PEMCO located at Tampa International Airport.  The system features secure and tamperproof batch records, soak time and quench delay recorded to within 1/10 of a second, as well as full documentation of work order / tail number, before / after condition, part name and quantity, and other information.  Extensive training was involved to not only for over a dozen operators but also many QC personnel and two “trainers” qualified to train other operators.  Additional training was provided to personnel responsible for maintaining pyrometry records to assure compliance to AMS2750G.

The installed system features a certified TUS volume of 30” wide, 16 inches high, 72 inches deep, with an upper chamber convection oven operable to 500°F, and a lower chamber convection furnace capable of 1200°F.  In addition to aluminum, the system can be used for PH stainless steel aging, as well as titanium and ferrous alloy processes.  Both chambers qualified as Class 1, but were certified as Class 2 for aluminum applications.  Honeywell controls and recorders are featured and include remote computer control, data entry and process monitoring. 

Cruz Hernández, Airborne Maintenance and Engineering Services Back-Shop Supervisor stated, “We look forward to sharing about our continued success with [DELTA H’s] great product. Richard was great and very informative—he is awesome at what he does. We couldn’t be any happier. I would like to add how responsive the entire team at DELTA H has been from start to delivery and setup. [They] are truly a fantastic American made company. I am glad to hear we are the first DELTA H MRO customer with formal AMS2750G specifications. I am certain we will be using DELTA H for future heat treat and furnace endeavors.”

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