Aerojet Rocketdyne Vacuum Furnace Sold

For some time we have had listed a very unusual item, a monster Abar Ipsen vacuum furnace with 6 bar quenching and a “rotator” design.  It was located at an Aeroject Rocketdyne facility in California which closed down some time ago. Well we mention it today because it was sold just last week. If you recall it found a buyer at auction for $500,000 USD about 2 months back, but that buyer was turned down as they were located outside of the US and the vendor had put restrictions on export.  Here is the brief description of the furnace. “Item#VF362 Abar Ipsen Model HR-120x152VC Vacuum Furnace; This vacuum furnace manufactured by Abar Ipsen in 2002 has a Hydrogen Purge, Graphite Hot Zone, Controlled Cooling and a “Rotator System”. Working Dimensions of 120″ D x 120″ L (Rotator); 84″ W x 84″ H x 152″ L (Hearth). Maximum load and temperature; 5000-Lbs @ 2400°F (w/ Hearth); 2500-Lbs @ 2200°F (w/ Rotator). 6 Bar positive pressure cooling.