“The Monty” can offer various advertising options including Banner Ads on our website, quarter, half or full page ads in our monthly newsletter “The Monty” and advertising spots in our “Weekly Update”. Ask us about an “advertising package” utilizing each of these mediums or ask us about a “custom” package tailored to your specific requirements.

The “Dale” Package

The Home Page for one month – Regular Cost $1,500.00 USD

A banner ad in one of the top 4 vertical positions for 12 months – Regular Cost $600.00 USD Per Month

Total = $8,700 USD. Our special price $7,500.00 USD

The “Jordan” Package

6 Full page ads in the Monthly newsletter plus a vertical banner ad for 12 months Regular cost $1,000.00 USD for each full page ad 12 banner ads for $450.00 USD each Total $11,400.00. Our special price $9,500 USD.

The “Gord” Package

6 weekly update ads in the Monthly newsletter plus a banner ad every other month. Regular cost $500.00 USD per half page ad, 6 banner ads at $450.00 USD each. Total $5,700.00 USD. Our special price $4,700.00 USD. is the most cost effective and efficient means of getting your message out to the worldwide heat treating industry. Our target market are those individuals that make the actual decisions having to do with heat treating; heat treat department managers, supervisors, maintenance departments, heat treat engineers, metallurgists, plant managers and owners. With over 20,000 heat treaters per month visiting our website and over 8,000 subscribing to our monthly newsletter “The Monty” your message will reach those who make heat treating decisions-no matter where they are in the world. Our readership spans the globe with our largest readership in the USA with a substantial and growing presence in areas such as Germany, China, India, Eastern Europe and Mexico –all areas of large heat treating growth. Besides our very substantial and growing readership has far and away the most competitive advertising pricing in the industry-we look forward to helping you get your message out.



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