Advanced Heat Treat Corp. Retains Nadcap® Merit Status for Heat Treatment & Adds New AMS Specifications

“Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT), a recognized leader in heat treat services and metallurgical solutions, announced that it has renewed its Nadcap® accreditation in heat treating (ion and gas nitriding) and passed its Aerospace Quality System (AC7004) audit. The company has also added additional AMS specifications to its scope: AMS 2759/6 and AMS 2759/12.  AMS 2759/6 specifies the procedures and requirements for gas nitriding low-alloy steels such as Nitralloy 135M, Nitralloy EZ, Nitralloy N, 4140, 4340 and H11 steels.

AMS 2759/12 specifies the requirements for producing a continuous white layer by means of a gaseous process using automated controls to maintain the nitriding and carburizing potentials on carbon steels, low alloy steels, tool steels, and cast iron. With these additions, AHT can now accommodate the following AMS specifications: 2757 (Gas Nitrocarburizing), 2759/6 (Gas Nitriding), 2759/8 (Ion Nitriding), 2759/10 (Gas Nitriding), and 2759/12 (Gas Nitrocarburizing).

President Mikel Woods commented, “We have held Nadcap® accreditation for ion nitriding since 2013, and with each audit/renewal we’ve had something new to celebrate. In 2020, we added gas nitriding; and now, we are excited to add AMS 2759/6 and AMS 2759/12 to our growing list of scopes and accreditations.The Nadcap® Heat Treating accreditation (Merit Status) is held at AHT’s MidPort Blvd. location in Waterloo, Iowa. The heat treater also has locations in Cullman, Alabama; Monroe, Michigan; and another location on Burton Ave. in Waterloo, Iowa.”

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